Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer 2014 Michigan Eats

"Shedding late-summer tears for the end of cherry season. Patiently and hopefully waiting for pumpkin pie season."
(Terri Guillemets)

Summer in Michigan has passed so quickly. I didn't do much cooking, but we ate at home a lot, and also went out to a good number of local and regional restaurants, which we probably won't get many chances to do later this fall and winter. Please see below for photos and links.

Summer Home Cooking

Chicken yakisoba (used soba noodles) and honey-ginger baked salmon (which I first made almost 2 years ago)
Cherry walnut chicken salad via
Cherry lime galette prep
Cherry lime galette via
Chopped Italian salad prep
Chopped Italian salad (minus salami and pasta)
No-prep veggie lasagna with grilled eggplant, zucchini, artichoke hearts, and spinach
Veggie lasagna (I'm like Garfield... I love lasagna!)
Southern peach and cinnamon cobbler prep
Peach and cinnamon cobbler
Blueberry coffee cake prep
Blueberry coffee cake
Buffalo chicken pizza with shaved celery salad prep
Buffalo chicken pizza with shaved celery salad
Frozen pink lemonade pie prep
Pink lemonade pie
"Better than Augusta egg salad" prep
Egg salad
Tuna salad and cheese roll-ups prep
Tuna salad and cheese roll-ups
"The Best Zucchini Bread" recipe with orange zest and cinnamon
Zucchini bread

Summer Meals by Local and Regional Restaurants, Chains, and Food Trucks

American: Ashley's (Ann Arbor), Bubba's Restaurant & Bar (Traverse City), Coach Insignia, Comerica Park, Friends with Food (Traverse City), Griffin Claw Brewing Company, Kruse & Muer on Wilshire, Oakland Hills Country Club, Social Kitchen & Bar, Toast
Fried lobster corn dogs at Coach Insignia
Comerica Park treats, including maple bacon-on-a-stick, elephant ear, and Tiger Traxx ice cream cone
Faygo Rock & Rye at Griffin Claw Brewing Company
Yummy meal at Social Kitchen & Bar, ending with banana pudding
Asian Fusion: BD's Mongolian Grill, Tomokun Noodle Bar (Ann Arbor)
Cold hiyashi soba and pho ramen at Tomukun Noodle Bar
Bagels: Detroit Institute of Bagels
Bagels and more at Detroit Institute of Bagels
Bakeries: Grand Traverse Pie Company (Traverse City)
Barbeque: Pigs Eatin' Ribs (Traverse City)
Burgers: Bagger Dave's Burger Tavern
Coffee & Tea: Bubble Island (Ann Arbor), Teahaus (Ann Arbor)
Scone plate and refreshing iced teas at Teahaus
Cookies: Insomnia Cookies (Ann Arbor)
Cupcakes: Cupcake Station (Ann Arbor)
Delis: CityScape Deli, Maize and Blue Deli (Ann Arbor), Steve's Deli, Zingerman's Delicatessen (Ann Arbor)
Delicious sandwiches and sides at Zingerman's Delicatessen
Diners: Kerby's Koney Island, Leo's Coney Island
Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt: Stroh's Ice Cream Parlour, Sweet Earth
Superman ice cream cone at Stroh's Ice Cream Parlour
Various frozen yogurt flavors and toppings at Sweet Earth
Japanese/Sushi: Ajishin, Saica (Ann Arbor)
Long lines but worth the wait at Ajishin
Korean: New Seoul Garden
Mediterranean: Elie's Mediterranean Grill & Bar
Mexican: Huerto Restaurant & Tequila Bar, Mex, Rojo Mexican Bistro
Mexican meal at Mex, ending with avocado icebox pie
Sandwiches: Olga's Kitchen
Wraps, fries, and three cheese bites at Olga's Kitchen
Thai: New Bangkok Thai Bistro, Sy Thai Cafe
Tasty Thai at New Bangkok Thai Bistro

Though not limited to Michigan, I've also been to Arby's, Jimmy John's, and Little Caesars here (pizza pizza!). You don't really see those in the NY area, at least where I used to be.
Pizza and crazy bread from Little Caesars

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Now that we've gotten all of the above out of the way, bring on everything pumpkin!


  1. So much great food I can't pick my favorite.

    1. I really enjoyed the cold soba at Ajishin (twice!) and the key lime-y avocado pie, but almost everything we had has been good. Ooh, the BBQ chicken pizza at Ashley's!


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