Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New England Minimoon

"If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes."
(Mark Twain)

Since we had to wait to go on our real honeymoon, we took a little minimoon trip up to New England 2 days after the wedding. While we were at The Inn at Thorn Hill & Spa in Jackson, New Hampshire, we decided to stop in Boston for another night before heading back down to New York.

Wet and Wild in New Hampshire

We were in moose country, but the weather in New Hampshire wasn't conducive for a tour, which took place in the evening. Although it was rainy and chilly, the B&B was lovely: elegantly rustic, quiet and peaceful, with a nice spa and really good food, views of the White Mountains, and a black bear sighting in the parking lot! The Inn at Thorn Hill was ranked 12th of the top 25 small resorts in the mainland United States by Condé Nast Traveler, and has received Wine Enthusiast Magazine's "Award of Ultimate Distinction."

Stopping at Cracker Barrel on the way (we beat the game on the first try
and my chicken fried chicken, eggs, biscuits, and grits were delicious)
Outside of the Inn
Inside of the Inn
Our room, Mt. Jackson
Dining at the Inn
Mr. Black Bear!
Pouring rain and comfort food
Relaxing massage and jacuzzi

Sports-Minded in Massachusetts

After we left New Hampshire, we went to see the Detroit Tigers play the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. It was my first time at the legendary stadium, even though Boston was my grad school stomping ground. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, and walked across the Charles River and down Commonwealth Avenue both to and from the game. Rather than going out on the town after the game, I wanted to head back to the hotel to watch the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, so we ordered room service and watched the Celtics play the Heat (sadly, we know how that turned out).

Brief but nice hotel stay
100 years of Fenway

We finally went on our official honeymoon last week! We left for the Caribbean island of Antigua on Monday, July 23. We spent 4 nights there and returned on Friday, July 27. Next time I'll share honeymoon pictures.

So after days of all-inclusive eating and drinking, followed by birthday dinners -- with my family on Sunday at Carmine's; with some friends last night at Radiance Tea House & Books, along with Sprinkles Cupcakes (today too!) and drinks at the Shoreham Bar; and with my husband tonight at Union Square Cafe -- I think I should probably take it easy for a few days. This morning I woke up to a homemade breakfast of cream cheese-stuffed cinnamon raisin French toast with fresh fruit, juice, and coffee. Stuffed... just like me.

I appreciate the kind birthday wishes, messages, and Facebook posts. I love celebrating birthdays, just not really my own. Growing up, I never had a party since it was always summer vacation, and I was also very shy. Even now, I prefer intimate gatherings or going out to dinner if anything -- probably since I'm getting older and don't want to dwell on adding another year!


  1. Ahhh blogger is being weird...I tried to post before but I don't think it worked! I love the idea of a mini-moon!! i can't wait to see your honeymoon photos~!!

    1. I know, I have issues with it myself periodically. I still need to learn blogging tips from pros like you!


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