Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bride and Groom Cake Topper

"In all of the wedding cake, hope is the sweetest of plums."
(Douglas Jerrold)

As much as I drool over the stylish sophistication of modern cakes -- see 100 Layer Cake's "Modern wedding cakes" post on Charm City Cakes Summer 2012 Collection for stunning examples -- our wedding cake will be a simple yet traditional white cake adorned with just a few flowers on each tier. However, I'm trying to make our wedding as personalized as possible, so I made a cutesy cake topper! It's one of several DIY projects, and is also posted in a Weddingbee Bio.

I'm late in sharing this, and will rewind a couple of months. It was a mid-February weekend when I hand-painted our cake topper consisting of wooden peg dolls attached to a base, sitting at my sister's dining room table while my nephew watched episodes of Thomas & Friends. He was very interested in my project and observantly commented that we did not have arms. With no good explanation, I instead pointed out what we did have, which you'll see below.

Peg dolls, paint, brushes, and a pencil
Penciled-in outlines
Partly done but our heads feel chilly
I think we swapped tans (or is it my faux tan?)
Let us eat cake!

There was a gal, let's call her Sharon
Some wondered what she would be wearin'
On her wedding day
In the fine month of May
When the words "I do" she would be swearin'!

My bride figurine is very simple, with a strapless ivory wedding dress, eyelashes, updo, and a double-layer veil of tulle from my actual gown. My groom figurine is much more detailed, with my fiancé's eyebrows, black suit, white dress shirt, striped tie... and Michigan t-shirt. I wanted to pay homage not only to Sam's love for his alma mater, but also his Superman movie fandom: Clark-Kent-meets-Super-Wolverine.

This afternoon, I had an appointment at our reception venue to choose the menu, including the cake flavor and filling!


  1. <3! I had no idea you were a bee!

    1. It's a great site, and much more informative than the gorgeously edited wedding blogs out there, because you see the real planning process and what it takes to make everything happen, not just the best photos of the end result! I joined in September 2011 so I'm still considered a "New Bee."

  2. You captured Sam so well there~!! love it!

  3. oh my goodness, that is so my brother! and you got his bushy eyebrows, haha

  4. Haha so is Sam gonna have a block M on when you say your vows?

    1. I don't think he's planning to, but if he wanted to that would be fine with me!


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