Thursday, February 7, 2013

Piquing My Pinterest

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind."
(C.S. Lewis)

The C.S. Lewis quote above is one of the most popular and repinned sayings on Pinterest, the pinboard-style photo-sharing website that serves as a tool to find inspiration and share it with others. I created an account a while back when it was still pretty new, but I never got into it, even when I was wedding planning. Maybe it's my "urban Amish" tendencies, or my lack of bandwidth for multiple modes of social networking, but I didn't know how best to utilize it. It wasn't until I recently installed the Pinterest mobile app on my iPad and phone that I realized how easy and fun it can be to create personal inspiration boards and pin, organize, and share the things I like. I also appreciate that sources are linked.

Currently, most of my Pinterest boards are titled to correspond to the labels I created for this blog: Adventure + Travel, Arts + Crafts, Home Life, Occasions + Holidays, Sugar + Spice, and Weddings (please see screenshots below). I also have a board called Lookbook with some recent awards show looks, and will soon create boards on Beauty + Fashion, Books, Music + Movies, and Health + Wellness. (Note: After finally realizing that my blog labels containing "+" weren't being properly categorized, I replaced them with "&".)

Who else pins, and what is your favorite Pinterest category (Art, Food & Drink, Quotes, Women's Fashion, etc.)? I hope you take a look and follow me or any of my boards. I'm sure I'll be pinning this weekend, with Winter Storm Nemo keeping us inside... and making another banana cream pie!


  1. I love pinterest!! Do you follow me?! :)

  2. I love it. I tend to be a bit fickle with time, I'm either all Pinterest, all WB or all blogger. But have been on all 3 this weekend. I get my post wedding addiction satisfaction through Pinterest but also ideas for the future

    1. I'll look for you now.

    2. It's hard for me to keep current with everything too, especially when everything else gets hectic! And I think I'm more into weddings now than when I was planning my own, so WB and Pinterest are great!

  3. i've been loving pinterest for awhile now. Boy talk about inspiration. Especially love your wedding board Sharon!


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