Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fall 2011 Events

"So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it."
(Willy Wonka)

I have been quite busy this season with special events for work. In September, I had a young professionals cocktail reception; in October, a 125th anniversary celebration and a donor cultivation event; and in November, a ribbon cutting ceremony. But no rest for the weary, because there are big plans underway for the annual fine wine dinner and auction, coming up in just a few months. And somewhere in the midst of this is a wedding.

I've previously shared about Thanksgiving, The Black Eyed Peas concert, and apple picking, but more activities that kept me occupied this fall are described below.

Fall Bridal Extravaganza

The Fall Bridal Extravaganza, held at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown on Monday, September 19, was my first and only bridal show. I was not that impressed -- with "extravaganza" in the name I had expected more -- but at least I came home with a bag full of complimentary magazines.

Wedding accessory vendors
Free bridal magazines and tote bag

Chloe's 1st Birthday

We celebrated the first birthday of Chloe, my friend Michelle's daughter, at Kum Gang San in Flushing on Saturday, October 15. In the Korean dol custom, the birthday baby wears a traditional hanbok and hat, and is placed in front of a selection of items. The item the baby chooses is said to predict her future. Chloe picked a golf club and a stethoscope. A golfing doctor? Highly probable.

Chloe with Peter and me in background (Image: Angela R.)

Crate & Barrel Wedding Party

I attended a Crate & Barrel Wedding Party at The Westchester in White Plains on Sunday, October 23. I just love Crate & Barrel; I went for fun since I had already created a registry. They served an appetizing spread as I meandered around the store which was closed to the public. Before I left, they gifted me with a lovely glass vase.

Eggs, panini, freshly squeezed juice, and more
Gift bag
Pretty pink peonies on box

Hope for New York Happy Hour

On Thursday, October 27, I went to the Hope for New York Young Supporters Happy Hour at BAK with a few friends. HFNY serves the poor and marginalized of NYC. It began with seed money from Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and is now funded by individual and corporate gifts, special events, and Easter offerings received at partner churches.

BAK's Korean spicy chicken tacos

The Space Tour Starring Team StarKid

I stayed for the opening of the Space Tour show at Irving Plaza on Saturday, November 26. I wish I could have stayed for StarKid, but I had a post-Thanksgiving dinner to rush to at my sister's place. I'm not a Gleek, but I'm glad I got to see Darren Criss (aka Blaine) perform!

Darren Criss performing with Charlene Kaye

Now the holiday season is in full swing. I've started to write Christmas cards, but still have gifts to buy, cookies to bake, and places to go. I love this time of year; I just wish I had more time to enjoy it!


  1. Ahhh sounds like it is a busy time for you!! I miss Christmas time in NYC!! Enjoy it!! <3

  2. cookies to bake? we love cookies... :)

  3. Christmas in NYC is really magical, if you get the chance to stroll around the city. I'm going to try to enjoy it as much as possible this year. Wish you were here, Jee Young!

    Grace, I'll keep that in mind and hopefully will get a chance to bake some cookies to take to Michigan!

    I decorated our Christmas tree tonight, and I also updated this post because I forgot that I had seen a show at Irving Plaza just last weekend. Feels like so long ago already.

  4. Looks like you're having a great fall so far!

    What was in the Crate and Barrel gift bag?

    Funny you mention BAK - I am going there to review the food soon. =)

  5. The C&B gift was the glass vase with the photo of peonies. It's small but super cute.

    At BAK I tried the chicken tacos and the pajeon, which was cut into hors d'oeuvre-sized bites. My friends said the pork tacos were good yet exceedingly spicy, but my chicken tacos were tasty. The cocktails, on the other hand, are very interesting and very strong!

  6. Thanks so much for your nice comment!! It looks like you are having a great Fall. I am so wanting those tacos and Blaine!!


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